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Firstly a big thank you to Cliff Poole for the great work done painting the deck in front of the Clubhouse. I’m certain you will all agree the look of the clubhouse is now something to be proud of.

With the Third Round of the Mens Club Championships this Saturday we will see some great match ups. In Round Two Dougal Watts vs William Brown, Dougal possibly played the best round of his life with 3 birdies, 9 pars and 2 bogeys for 71 off the stick only for William to compile 5 birdies, 9 pars and 2 bogeys for a 69 and win 1-up on the last hole. Great golf by both of them .

The Ladies Club Championships were completed on Wednesday with Jan Utting playing Lyn Holmberg in the senior final. This match was close early however Jan played some great golf to be 5 up after 18 holes 6 up after 27 holes and eventually winning on 29th with some good golf played by both Lyn and Jan. In the Intermediate it was a different story Viv Bell playing Loriane McLaughlan with the match going up and down like a yoyo all the way to the 36th hole and all square going down the 37th with a gallery of ladies fitting to the occasion and quality of the match. Just a shame there can not be two winners, such was the game. Viv bell winning on the 37th. In the Juniors Peri Gayford vs Di Webb Peri played solid golf to take this match out on 19th. By the way ladies our Black and White bomber is no longer with us. If his mate starts misbehaving please let me know ASAP. Thanks to the match referees and all those whom made it an enjoyable day. Great to see June Dodgshun out to watch a few holes and catch up with everyone.

This Sunday is the Booth Shield fundraiser ,start sheet in Pro-Shop. It would great to see a good field as this is supporting Junior Golf in this district. Also Saturday the 27th of September is the Eagles Charity Golf Tournament in support of The Halberg Trust. Lets get behind these events


F.M.G. Poverty Bay Open Entries required.
2nd to 4th October. Entry forms in Pro Shop.






Please check the white board at the front of the club house for local rules.



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The Draw for Final Round of Club Championships
Saturday 20th September

# 1 Tee

  • 8.00 R. Skuse vs D. Wright
  • 8.07 C. Rock vs B. Rothschild
  • 8.15 W. Brown vs A. Higham
  • 8.22 E. Brown vs H. Brown
  • 11.15 D. Jenkins vs J. Kerekere,
  • 11.22 T. Donovan vs G. Morley, R. Fletcher vs B. Clark
  • 11.30 J. Situ vs T. Williams, B. Morgan vs P. Goodwin
  • 12.15 R. Skuse vs D. Wright
  • 12.22 C. Rock vs B. Rothchild
  • 12.30 W. Brown vs A. Higham __________________________________


Clubhouse hire for weddings and functions










Thursday 11/09/14

  • Stableford: I. Murphy 41, R. Murphy 41, C. Dean 41, R. Fletcher 39, V. Richardson 39, M. Thomas 39
  • Twos: C. Dean, H. Twigley
  • Nearest Pin: C. Dean

Saturday 13/09/14
Club Champs Results

  • Senior : W. Brown bt J. Devery, A.Higham bt A. Reedy
  • Senior Flight: E. Brown bt T. Goldsmith H. Brown bt P. Hakiwai,
  • Intermediate: C. Rock bt V. Richardson, B. Rothchield bt M. Norman
  • Intermediate Flight: D. Jenkins bt K. White J. Kerekere/ M. Kennedy .
  • Intermediate 2nd 16: J. Situ bt T, West, T. Williams bt G. Clapham
  • Intermediate 2nd 16 Flight: B. Morgan bt D. Situ, P. Goodwin bt D.Bush
  • Junior: R. Skuse bt C. Smith , D. Wright bt K. Travers
  • Junior Flight: B. Clark bt W. Thompson, R. Flectcher bt J. Leahy
  • All Stars: T. Donovan bt L. Foster , G. Morley bt M. Reynolds
  • Twos: B. Morgan, J. Situ
  • Nearest Pin: B. Morgan

Sunday 14/09/14
Booth Shield

  • Stableford Men T. sharp 41, C. Palmer 41, K. White 41, B. Huhu 41, M. Karalus 40, S. Palmer 40, P. Grogan 39, A. Hayward 39, P. Stewart 39, A. White 39, K. Kingi 38, J. Kerekere 38, D. Situ 38, D. Meadows 38, R. Young 38, T. Akroyd 38, V. Edmonds 37, R. Gibson 37, T. Green 37, S. Johnson 37, J. Lincoln 37, J. Wyllie 37, B. Morrissey 37, A. Kirkpatrick 37, E. Brown 37, A. Higham 37, C. Taurima 37, C. Brown 36, G. Marchbank 36
  • Stableford Ladies: K. Peters 39, K. Goldsmith 37, F. Wesche 36, N. McRoberts 34, J. Mackinnon 33
  • Twos: D. Meadows, G. Morley,M. Norman,C. Palmer, C. Rock, C. Taurima, R. Taylor, A. White, B. Yates, J. Coker, K. Goldsmith.

Thank-you to all those whom played and assisted with this event we raised over $1800.00 to assist in sending away the districts Booth Shield Team.


Top rounds for 2014




Barns Graham Tournament 2014

  • Barns Graham Cup – Clive Robertson & Nigel McGregor
  • Barns Graham Plate – D. Situ & J. Situ
  • Bryan Cup – Maurice Affleck and Peter Humphreys

Enterprise Foursomes 2014

  • P. Kerekere & W. Brown



FMG Poverty Bay Open 2013

  • Keiha Cup (FMG Poverty Bay Open Champiosnhip) – Bruce Wilson, Kinloch
  • Primo Cup – Cliff Poole
  • Thursday Throne – J. Leahy
  • Gary Bates Shootout – Kim Travers
  • Electrinet Pro Am 2013 – Pieter Zwart 64 (course record)

FMG Poverty Bay Open 2013

  • Keiha Cup (FMG Poverty Bay Open Champion) – Bruce Wilson, Wairakei
  • Barrington Miller Cup (2nd 16) – Tere Lincoln
  • 3rd 16 – Gerald Kemp
  • 4th 16 – Colin Christie
  • 5th 16 – Barry Mathews, Titirangi
  • Scott Plate (36-hole Gross Winner) – Mathew Mackey 149
  • 36-hole Nett Winner – Don Griffin 140

Ryman Healthcare Club Championships

  • Wallis Cup (Senior Club Champion) – Andrew Higham
  • Barker Cup (2nd 16 seniors) – Bruce Duncan
  • Hutchinson Cup (Intermediate Club Champion) – Peter Hakawai
  • Harper Cup (2nd 16 Int) – Peter Graham
  • Ormond Cup (Junior Club Champion) – Mark Norman
  • Endeavour Cup (2nd 16 Junior) – Laurie Gooch
  • Burke Cup (Top Qualifier Club Champs) – Andrew Higham

Reynolds & Associated Cups

  • Reynolds Cup – N. Mackie
  • Willock Cup – P. Goodwin
  • Lunken Cup – D. Situ
  • Low Bros Cup – M. Watt

Barns Graham Tournament

  • Barns Graham Cup – Chris Shaw & Scott Crago
  • Barns Graham Plate – D. Primona and D. Wright
  • Bryan Cup – M. Dogshun and P. Humphreys